Our Favorite Blogs.

  • The Accidental Nomad – Follow Jamie and her blog which she describes as “…collection of my stories, written to entertain and inspire others to follow their passions.”
  • Great Big Scary World – Follow Jamie and his crazy adventures as he hitchhikes throughout a growing list of 24 different countries.
  • The Appetite Odysseys – Follow Kelly and her blog about “…an appetite for learning, an appetite for adventure, and most especially: an  appetite for food.”
  • My Several Worlds – Follow Carrie and her blog which “…is an Asian travel guide that focuses on destinations, cultures and attractions in Asia, and an information site for ESL teachers and individuals who are considering moving overseas.”
  • 37 Seconds – Follow Mary Ellen and her funny adventures to see “…where she’s off to next…”
  • Moxacity – Follow Amanda and her blog, which states: “my goal is to document my adventures big and small to encourage others to leave fear at home and see some of the world.”
  • Traveling Vanilla Bean – Follow Heather, currently in Prague, and her “Slow Travel.  Authentic Travel.  Real Experiences.”
  • Two Bad Tourists – Follow David and Auston on their worldwide journeys.  In their own words, “We may not always get the tourism part down, but often the best aspects of traveling are not what we expect.”
  • A Hungry Girl’s Guide to Taipei – The best foreigners guide for good eats in Taipei.
  • Reach To Teach – Great resource for information on teaching ESL abroad as well as a free teacher placement agency.

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