Who are we?

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My name is Zach and I am one half of the dynamic duo that runs this blog.  I am from the Chicago suburbs, Oswego to be exact.  In 2012 I graduated from DePaul University in Chicago with a degree in political science and, on the day I walked, was called to be notified that I had been offered a job teaching English in Taipei, Taiwan.

I’m Shay.  Zach and I are high school sweeties.  I don’t like to announce that I’m from the suburbs, so since I spent a quarter of my life living in the city, I like to call Chicago home.  In 2011, I graduated from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago where I studied architecture.  Like Zach, I also received a teaching job in Taipei.

As was alluded to above, we both are currently living in Taipei where we teach English and are learning Chinese.  We arrived here on July 1, 2012 after deciding together that we needed to travel the world instead of jumping into some career that could give us money and little else.   We have no regrets and try to live our lives without any day in and day out.  We travel when we can and, even when we can’t, we realize we live a life of perpetual travel half a world away from our homes.  It is truly an amazing living.

In summation, what this blog seeks to be about is our lives here in Taipei and wherever else our lives may take us.  It doesn’t sound much different from other travel/expat blogs.  But, there is one little wrinkle in our lives and in our plans: by the time we graduated from college we had amassed over US$140,000 in student loans.

Therein lies the our name, “Internationally In Debt.”  Through this blog we feel like maybe, just maybe, we can help to set an example.  What we hope to do is show that you can always find a way to follow your dreams wherever they may take you.  We will show you our lives and the decisions that paint them, and we will try to show how smart and/or dumb those decisions may be/may have been.  We will tell stories, talk about places we’ve been, and sometimes rant and rave.  All we ask is that you come along with us on this journey while we show how we are literally living internationally while in debt, but even more indebted to living internationally.

Contact us if you want to contribute, have any questions for us, or just want to talk: internationallyindebt@gmail.com


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