Another reason to go to Taiwan: Monkeys!

macaque monkeys

When the Portuguese ‘discovered’ the island in the 16th Century, they declared Taiwan “Ilha Formosa,” meaning ‘beautiful island.’  We can certainly attest to this, as we gaze out of our window to admire the lush, green mountains surrounding this booming city.  A perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city is to jump on the MRT, going basically any direction, and, within minutes, wander your way to a quiet, fresh-aired hiking path.

Xiazhulin Hiking Trail in TienMu.

Xiazhulin Hiking Trail in TianMu.

Macaque Information

Want to make your experience even more enjoyable? Head over to TianMu (天母) and find the Xiazhulin Hiking Trail.  Here, you’ll have the pleasure of walking alongside several Formosan Macaques.  Obviously, it’s not a good idea to be obnoxious and run through the paths screaming and flailing your arms at the monkeys.  Instead, keep your cool and they’ll be cool with you walking through their beautiful home.


First we briefed you on the mouth-watering, abundant supply of food and restaurants here, now we’re showing you wild monkeys on hiking trails, but the reasons to travel to this beautiful island are endless.  Share below if you have another great reason to travel to this part of the world.

Or, tell us why we should travel to your region of the world!



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