Why go to Taiwan? –FOOD!


Pick what you want. Hand it to the 老闆 (lao3ban3) or boss. They grill and marinade it. You eat it.

One of the best reasons you should come to Taipei is the food.  It is everywhere, it is amazing and it is delicious!  Restaurants, night markets, vans, trucks, etc.  Just eat!

葱抓饼 (cong1zhua1bing3)
Green onion pancakes with egg, cheese, bacon, and hot sauce. The best!


What’s your favorite food?  Tell us below.


6 thoughts on “Why go to Taiwan? –FOOD!

  1. I’m a huge foodie, but you probably already know that since I write about food all the time on My Several Worlds. My favorite night market dishes are fried tian bu la and soup dumplings. Tian bu la is a round fish cake that is sliced up and deep fried with coriander and Taiwanese spices. Soup dumplings are good any time of year, but I enjoy them best in the winter and after a night out. (Soup dumplings are GREAT hangover food.) 🙂

    • There is absolutely nothing wrong with writing a lot about food. To live in Taiwan you kind of need to be a foodie!

      Good tip on the soup dumplings. We’ll have to try that one out.

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