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… In With The New.

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Every day, every hour that passes raises your blood pressure and anxiety levels.  A clock ticking backwards to homelessness, or to a decision made in and clouded by desperation.  Any person who has rented apartments and has had to hunt for a new one knows this feeling.  The deadline, the end of your lease seems so far away when it is two months away, and, at that point, you can’t even start searching anyways.  But, then it is one month away.  You start your search, although probably not in earnest, and find some places that are nice, but maybe, just maybe, there are nicer places out there.  That, or the perfect place is available at that very moment, and, thus, will not be around in a few weeks.  Then the deadline is merely two weeks away.  Holy shit.  Tension rises.  Searching becomes a constant, but, of course, there seems to be nothing worthwhile.  Maybe your last apartment was horrible (see: Out With The Old…) and you are really searching for an upgrade.  All there is, though, are places that are basically replicas but bigger, a little nicer, a little cheaper.  Maybe you settle.  Probably you don’t, or at least you shouldn’t.  Then it’s a week away.  Stress needs to be relieved at this point, like a pressure relief valve on a propane tank thrown into a fire.

The Blackhawks are playing the Bruins in the Stanley Cup Finals and you make a trip on a Sunday to friend who lives in an amazing place called Lotus Hill (水蓮山莊) that is far too out of your league.  Nonetheless, you drink and, eventually ask what the price was for the place and are very pleasantly surprised that it is definitely in your league.  Actually, the rent is just as much as the last place you lived.  Meetings are staged.  Friends help you translate (hat-tip for that).  The next thing you know you have moved into your amazing new place and the next year of your life promised to be the best so far.

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That’s the story of how we found our new apartment.  Needless to say, this place is far and away better than our last one.  There is space for ages.  The shit we accumulated over the last year that seemed like so much and took up so much space in our last place is so far spread and sparse in the new place.  As an aside, this is both a good and a bad thing:  good for space, bad for certain people’s desires to accumulate.  Anyways, there is a kitchen.  A real place to STAND up and cook.  There is a couch that can be pulled out to make a bed and a TV with cable.  There is a raised area with a hidden Japanese style table.  There is a massive window with an even more massive view.  There is a balcony.  There is a bathroom with a TUB!  There is a bedroom almost as big as our old place.  All of this and we haven’t mentioned the basketball, tennis and volleyball courts, the beautiful landscaping, the massive pool, etc.  In short, this place is like a dream.  Sure, the commute into the city is going to be a pain.  But, to tell you the truth, after a year in the city, in the convenience and in the pollution, and in a tiny apartment in the midst of all of that, a commute into the city is more than worth it.  Up here it is quiet.  The air is clean.  There are butterflies everywhere, even in Family Mart.  Up here we have found our home for the next year and very possibly longer.  I guess, in the end, there is truth in the old saying: Good things come to those who wait.

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Financial Ranking: 5 – Fucking Genius!

Certainly, we realize that we have only lived here for about a week now.  But, based on the fact that we have this place for the same price as our last place, but with so much more, our friends who live here and their experience, and what we have experienced thus far, this has been one of our best decisions financially or otherwise.  Could we have found a place for cheaper?  Yes.  But, we feel that regardless of debt and, many times,  in spite of it you should do things that make you happy.  This place is not expensive – less than half of what we paid in our cheapest apartment back in Chicago – and it has made our living here in Taipei, already an awesome experience, even more amazing.  Financial decisions cannot only be based on financial ends or you will be truly miserable.  Smart decisions based on your desires AND those financial considerations are the way to go.  Now drop what you’re doing and come join us!

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5 thoughts on “… In With The New.

  1. Looks amazing guys! Its awesome to hear you’ve found a space that makes you much happier. I totally agree with you that decisions should be made for both financial reasons AND desires! Have a safe trip back to Chicago and I can’t wait to get together. Enjoy the new pad for now!

  2. Thanks, Paul! After the experience of living in that cramped, small, dirty, etc. space for a year it really has opened our eyes to many things not only in terms of gratitude, but also how much a living space can effect your daily emotional state. So, as terrible as it was, we see the positive outcome and are extremely grateful it’s over! Haha. Thanks for your comment and we’ll be seeing you in no time!!

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